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Top 10 Document Management Solutions companies - 2022

If nothing else, unforeseen disruptions like the pandemic emphasize the importance of digital agility in an organization’s success. The market for document management solutions is constantly evolving, driven by the need for enhanced workplace productivity. The traditional model of paper files is gradually being phased-out due to modern technologies and efficient document management system execution. In this new normal, digital transformation has accelerated the evolutionary transition into the future by not only helping businesses land on their feet, but also unlocking significant growth opportunities. During the forecast period, the document management systems market is anticipated to benefit from the growing requirement to implement document management systems in order to combat illicit logging and transportation.

Document management systems provide some of the most elementary information management and cataloguing features such as imposing restrictions and management capabilities on documents. As a result, integrating and mastering cutting-edge digital products can drive businesses into a new age of growth and development.

Choosing the suitable document management solution provider is paramount. At this juncture, there are a variety of document management solution providers in the market that cater to the different needs of the companies. To help them choose the right company that fits their requirement, CIOReview APAC has compiled a list of 10 Most Promising Document Management Solutions Providers. The enlisted companies are the forerunners in the market and provide a wide span of features. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends & challenges, recent innovations, and best practices.

We present to CIOReview APAC’s, “10 Most Promising Document Management Solutions Providers – 2022.”

    Top Document Management Solutions companies

  • AGTIV offers a comprehensive document management solution that is ideal for mission-critical workflows pertaining to industries such as oil and gas. The solution delivers a definitive solution to these problems by helping engineering teams manage their mission critical documents with finesse, providing a bird's eye view of the project's latest status to all team members in real-time. It helps ensure that projects are handled with ease, with minimal hassle, delivered on time and within budget. The document control system further simplifies project collaboration by providing easy access to the latest version of the documents and drawings via its Smart Search option that can search through the document content, discipline, document type, document number, or revision versions. It also allows the engineers to review and perform markup on the same drawings online or offline, anywhere or any time, to ensure that everyone is on the

  • Ephesoft provides AI and ML-based Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform and data enrichment solutions that automate document-centric processes

  • Bluebox Solutions

    Bluebox Solutions

    Bluebox specializes in the areas of Microsoft SharePoint, Document Management, Intranets & Portals, Workflow, Reporting, and Power Platforms

  • Commnia


    Commnia offers a suite of services that include Document Control, Tendering & Procurement, Project Management, Site Management and many more

  • Docuworx


    Docuworx enables business to enhance their productivity and efficiency through its Document Management and Workflow Automation solutions

  • Infobuilder Technologies

    Infobuilder Technologies

    Infobuilder is an end-to-end DMS company offering Document Licencing, DMS Implementation, Document Local Support, Document Scanning and many other services

  • RBC Group

    RBC Group

    RBC's offerings include Managed Print Services, IT Solutions, Business Automation & Integration, Managed Finance, Strategy, and Cloud Services

  • RDS


    RDC mainly focuses majorly on 4 areas - Business Process Outsourcing, System Integration, Printing & Creative Services, and Healthcare Management



    SQL offers a wide range of solutions in the areas of Document Management, HR, Records Management, Construction Document Management, E-Signature, and Facility Management

  • Unidocs


    Unidocs is a Korean e-Document company offering a suite of secure & efficient document management solutions & services

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